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Checkovers, Servicing, Overhauls and Restorations


A Checkover is recommended for customers who have a forthcoming exam or concert and want to ensure that their instrument is in good playing order.
In a checkover the pads are re-seated and regulated. The condition of the pads, key corks/felts and tenons are assessed. If necessary the tenons and sockets (joints) are refitted. Should any of the pads, corks or felts need replacing there is an additional charge.


It is recommended that an instrument be serviced every twelve to eighteen months. This ensures that the instrument remains in full working order.


Plated surfaces are kept clean helping to prevent any pitting, and wooden instruments are oiled to help prevent them from drying out and stop cracks from forming. In the long run regular servicing will prolong the life and value of an instrument.

In a full service the following is undertaken:

  • The instrument is checked for any major damage.

  • Any bent key work is straightened.

  • Any significant dents are removed.

  • All key work is removed from the body of the instrument.

  • Tarnish and finger acid is removed from plated surfaces (where applicable).

  • Tarnish, dirt and dust is removed from all joints, pillars and tone holes, checking for damage to tone holes.

  • If the instrument is wooden it is oiled both inside the bore and on outer surfaces.

  • The pillars are cleaned through to remove all traces of old dirty oil, checked for any damage or misalignment and are repaired if needed.

  • Springs are checked for breakage and rust and are replaced and refitted where required. 

  • The tenons and sockets (joints) are cleaned, checked for damage and repaired and refitted if necessary.

  • Tarnish, dirt and dust is removed from all key work.

  • Traces of dirty old oil are removed from key work and screws so they are ready for re-oiling.

  • Pads, corks and felts are cleaned and checked.

  • Damaged pads or missing corks are replaced where needed.

  • The key work is re-oiled and mounted back on the instrument.

  • Pads are checked for correct seating, alignment and opening (venting).

  • Spring tensions are checked and balanced.

  • Lastly the instrument is tested.


A repad is recommended for a student instrument that has not been serviced in several years. It can also be a good investment for instruments bought second hand. It will ensure that the instrument is in full playing order.

In a repad all aspects of a service are carried out plus all the instrument’s pads are replaced. If any corks, felts or springs have worn loose or are missing they are also replaced.


This is recommended for professional instruments that have not been serviced for several years. It ensures the instrument is in full playing order and as close to new condition as possible.
In an Overhaul all aspects of a service are carried out plus:
All pads are replaced.
All key corks/felts are replaced.
All springs are replaced.
All dents and scratches are removed where possible.
A full inspection of all screws (adjusting, rod and pivot) is carried out, and these are refinished or replaced if necessary.
Re-plating or lacquering if needed.

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